Preferred Customer Program

Amazing Benefits and Low Cost Plumbing Membership

Rubber Ducky Plumbing offers a Preferred Customer Program for only about a quarter per day (that’s $0.25!).

This program has many benefits, all designed to give you peace of mind as a homeowner. As an example, insurance doesn’t cover the source of water – but with our membership program you don’t have to worry when plumbing leaks!

Basically, you are partnering with an expert plumbing company to protect your investment of your home. Doesn’t that give you peace of mind?

You can always discuss the Preferred Customer Program with our technicians, or contact us to find out more information. To sign up, use the button below. You can also review the terms or the benefits below.

Remember, every technician at Rubber Ducky Plumbing is carefully trained to resolve any plumbing problems (learn more about why Rubber Ducky Plumbing). With this program, we can help you avoid having the problems in the first place.

We are expert plumbers recognized throughout the Richmond, Virginia area (RVA is home for all of us).

Program Benefits - All for Only $9.95/month

Priority Scheduling

As a preferred customer you get the choice of the earliest available time for all your plumbing needs!

No Diagnostic Fee

We waive the diagnostic fee ($100) for all appointments, during regular hours or after-hours.

10% Discount

Members in good standing receive a 10% discount on all services provided (capped at $500 per project).

100% Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, let us know and we will make it right!


Membership stays with you for life! If you move, take us with you, or leave the membership for the new owner.

Annual Inspections

Once-yearly pipes and fixtures inspection to catch problems before they happen. Minor adjustments are free of charge!

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The Rubber Ducky Difference

Courtesy Above All Else


24 hours support

24/7 Emergency Line

We specialize in 24/7 emergency plumbing, to help you at all hours.


No Hassle Pricing

Easy upfront pricing means you know you are getting a fair price.


Licensed & Insured

Rest easy knowing that licensed pros are taking care of you.

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Locally Owned

Owned & operated in Richmond, Virginia. Local and loving it!


Easy Appointments

Book an appointment online or call for the fastest scheduling.


100% Guaranteed

We'll fix it right the first time. Parts and labor are both guaranteed.

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Terms & Join

You can view the full terms and conditions for this program below. Use the form below to join today.


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Join Our Plumbing Membership Program

Let's start with your name!

Easy confidence that your home and plumbing is handled. With courtesy above all else.

Contact Info

, we'll need the best contact info so we can reach you about your appointment.

Service Address

Next we need to know your membership address.

Final Step

, we'll call you soon to finalize payment information and get your account set up in our system. The cost is $9.95 per month, subject to change, and you can cancel at any time.


All annual home inspections, and Plumbing check ups are to be performed during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM. Plans listed are for residential systems. Commercial is excluded. Commercial systems inside of a residential home are excluded.

Plan length is 1 year, billed monthly. Contract starts on enrollment date, for a period of 1 year, with monthly automatic payments, and autorenewal on yearly anniversary. Renewal pricing is subject to change from year to year. In the event a client cancels the plan, we will debit the remainder of the balance owed.

Plans are prorated. For example, if a client enrolls on the 15th of any month, the client will be charged only for the remaining two weeks, then starting on the 1st of the following month, begin regular full payments. This will also work the same with plan end dates. If that same client started in the middle of the month, their last payment will also be only for the final two weeks and not the full month.

Priority Service is a guarantee that we will schedule you over non-plan members. However, we can never guarantee how many plan members called that day, in which case it still is a first-call basis. We do our best! While we do schedule the home inspections, and plumbing check ups at time of signing, if a client is unavailable at the time we have agreed upon, rescheduling the inspection is the responsibility of the customer, the company is not accountable for missed appointments, or customer unavailability.

Clients may choose to not renew contract agreement by providing written notice 30 days before the next 1 year anniversary date. Plans can be canceled for a full refund any time within the first 30 days after initial signing before the home inspection, plumbing system inspections or any work has been performed. If client cancels AFTER work has been performed and they received a discount, we will charge the credit card the discounted amount. 15% discount and inspection claims available upon enrollment. If a client moves to a new residence during the plan term, the plan moves with them to the new residence, it will still be available/valid, as long as the client remains in the service area. The company may refuse to offer any of the plans if we deem circumstances to be unfavorable to either party due to equipment condition or environment.

The company may cancel the agreement with the customer at any time. If this should occur, the customer may receive a prorated amount of the yearly plan cost; this amount will vary depending on what work/repairs have already been made.

Clients understand that the company is not an insurer, and this is not an insurance policy. Clients understand that even with frequent preventative maintenance and repairs, parts or systems can fail or break without warning, and maintenance cannot in all cases prevent this. This maintenance plan does not imply protection against all failures or breakdowns, water leaks or emergencies. Any shipping charges incurred for faster than normal supplier delivery is not covered by the plans, and clients will be responsible for these charges. Plans are only offered on existing operational equipment, water heaters, toilets, fixtures, tubs, and water and sewer lines. While there are NO age restrictions, the appliances must be in working condition. Company is not responsible for situations beyond our control; shipping delays, unavailable parts, client unavailability, unsafe working conditions, weather delays, failure to service, labor difficulties, and other circumstances beyond our ability to predict.

Company is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, or losses, injury, illness or equipment damage due to the above listed circumstances. Company is not responsible for parts and services that the client has had other parties provide (any individual or contractor other than employees of Rubber Ducky Plumbing Company Inc.) If it is obvious that the systems covered under the plans have been modified, altered, repaired, or serviced by persons other than company employees, plan coverage may be voided. The maintenance plans do not cover parts or labor for system neglect, acts of nature, vandalism, theft, or intentional damage. Included: fire, flood, earthquake, falling trees, hail, war, extreme freeze, tornadoes, sharknadoes, hurricanes or other unforeseen circumstances. The plans do not cover; pre-existing conditions, equipment failure or damage from flooding, fire, storms, and electrical surges, freezing, other equipment malfunctioning and damaging the plumbing systems, or circumstances that may affect normal equipment operation.

15% price reduction maxes out at $500 per task or job. Excluded from coverage: fireplaces, chimneys, sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, generators, pool heaters, exterior storm drainage systems & interior or exterior waterproofing systems, removal of hazardous materials and/or products. Includes asbestos, mold, infestations. Manufacturers product recall or equipment defect. Pre-existing conditions, including capacity issues with equipment. Any and all restoration. Work needed due to code violations on existing infrastructure, or code violations on products, equipment, services or repairs we did not install or sell. Cosmetic blemishes, defects, or damage not hindering performance. Anything unrelated to plumbing, or its infrastructures.

High rises, or apartment complexes. Tenants; plans must be purchased by the owner, landlord or management company. Please see additional sections with full exclusions. By signing the contract client is stating they have read the full exclusions and understand and agree to them. Company is not required to perform plan services if the client has not provided a safe working environment. Asbestos or other health hazards, dangerous or unsanitary environments (poisonous plants or animal waste) need to be eliminated before we can return to do work. Equipment, and home systems or fixtures need to be reasonably accessible. System or equipment must be in proper working order, installed correctly, and located in a safe, accessible location. Residential equipment and plumbing needing access to the roof is not covered (unless the client can provide SAFE means to access equipment). Clients understand that an outstanding balance for work performed has to be paid within 10 business days. Maintenance agreements can no longer be honored until the client has a zero balance. Clients agree to pay the sum of $239.88 for the Rubber Ducky membership plan in 12 monthly installments, not including any additional $4.99 add-ons for clients with more than 2 systems. Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in full cost of plan being charged. Client understands that repairs/components not covered under the maintenance plan are an additional charge. Clients understand that the 15% discount mentioned in the plans, is for repairs/components specified in the plan. Maintenance plan coverage only extends to the specific equipment it was purchased for. This would exclude any secondary support infrastructure necessary for operation, such as electrical and utility. If the customer has purchased plans for multiple pieces of equipment and a covered part fails on unit A, the customer may not “transfer” that coverage to unit B – it needs to have its own coverage.

The following are also excluded by these plans;

  • Window AC units & space heaters, fireplaces, and chimneys, and PTAC systems.
  • Removal of hazardous materials and/or products; Includes asbestos, mold, infestations, are not covered by these plans.
  • Manufacturers product recall or equipment defect. Pre-existing conditions, including capacity issues with equipment.
  • Any and all restoration, – unless otherwise noted. Work needed due to code violations on existing infrastructure, or code violations on products, equipment, services or repairs we did not install or sell.
  • Cosmetic blemishes, defects, or damage not hindering performance.
  • Oil products; includes furnaces and boilers, and oil tanks and lines and Septic tanks and systems.
  • Propane tanks, lines or outside equipment.
  • High rises, or apartment complexes.
  • Tenants; plans must be purchased by the owner, landlord or management company.