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Drain Cleaning & Unclogging

We Know How To Fix Any Drain Problem

One of the most common issues that we get called about are drains that are clogged, need cleaning, or are slow draining.

There are so many different things that can be the issue, so it is important to work with a professional like Rubber Ducky Plumbing who can help you properly diagnose and fix your drain problem.

From working with state of the art pipe cameras to visually inspect what is going on, to using the latest technology to safely and effectively clear your clogged drain, Rubber Ducky Plumbing is the place to call for a clogged drain.

Did your clogged drain result in water damage? We can even clean up and mitigate your water damage from a clogged drain.

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Drain Cleaning & Unclogging

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Do you have drains that are clogged, or is water pooling in a sink or bathtub? Is the water staying there, not draining as it should, or do you think there may be a clog in your drain line?

You may need a professional plumber to help you fix the problem. At Rubber Ducky, we have extensive experience troubleshooting your issue quickly and easily and are experienced in clearing and cleaning broken drains or drains that are slow moving or clogged.


Instead of just implementing a simple solution, one option is to do hydro-jetting. This may not be available in all areas. But this method of fixing issues in your pipes is a bit like internal pressure washing. This method of cleaning a clogged drain is ideal to get rid of debris in very old pipes, and to reduce buildup.


At Rubber Ducky Plumbing, we know how important it is to keep your facility moving forward. This is why we offer, specifically, a tool to help people clear out a clogged or broken floor drain, quickly, and easily. Call or make an appointment to find out more.


While the usable life of pipes is often decades or longer, people may not realize what is happening until the other pipes in the system start having major problems as well.

At Rubber Ducky Plumbing, we are able to do a full visual inspection of your pipes using our high-tech cameras, and then implement snaking and any other solution immediately.

We discuss all potential solutions and then allow you a pressure-free environment to pick the best choice for your home and your budget.


24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Call our emergency hotline 804-600-3825 at any time of day or night. We’ll usually arrive within 2 hours and help you with whatever you need.
24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

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